No Dogs Wanted To Play With This Blind Pup–So He Met A Very Special Friend

Linguini is a special dog. However, his family didn’t realize he was blind when they brought him home. He was confident and social with other dogs, yet they just thought he was a bit clumsy. Little did they know he was a blind pup. Linguini himself didn’t realize he was blind, nor that he was different from other dogs. “Most people, including some vets, would never guess he’s blind.” Sarah Bowley, Linguini’s mother.

Image by Sarah Bowley

Linguini loves meeting new people and dogs. However, his intense excitement can sometimes be too much for other dogs to handle.

“Because he’s blind but also super energetic, he tends to jump with his paws outstretched and I think that’s a little too much for other dogs.”

Due to his overexcitement, he has a hard time making friends. Until he meets his new brother, Future!

Future was special.

Image by Sarah Bowley

Future had a gift. He seemed to be able to detect the needs of those around him. The family had hopes that Future would be able to help Linguini, and they were correct. From the moment the two dogs met, Future and Linguini became the best of friends.

Image by Sarah Bowley

Linguini and Future are always together. They play for hours until neither can run anymore. Also, they love to sit together on the couch while they regain their energy. These two dogs are the perfect match. Since Linguini is blind, he’s learned to follow suggestions from Future, as well as mimicking his behavior. Now they’re inseparable!

Image by Sarah Bowley

Instantly the best of friends.

“They clicked right away and started playing like crazy; the way you’d expect puppies [to] play,” Bowley said.

“This was amazing to see as I felt like Linguini never really got to play like this with other dogs as they always seemed a little uneasy around him or he was too energetic for them. Future, however, matched Linguini’s energy perfectly and it was like the two had always known each other.”

Before Linguini met Future, all he wanted was a friend to play with. Now he and Future won’t let anything get in the way of their friendship.

“I think for Linguini, Future solidified this idea that he is just like any other dog and that being blind doesn’t have to hold him back in any way,” Bowley said.

Image by Sarah Bowley

Featured Image via screen capture from website WeLoveAnimals

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