No Need To Worry About This Husky, He’s Just Enjoying Some Vitamin D


Dogs sometimes like to play dead. Often we check to make sure they are okay. In most situations, the dog is just getting a quick nap in. A Husky who lives in Muscatine, Iowa enjoys his naps and his vitamin D. So people like to mistake his naps for death.


When citizens pass Rick’s Automotive in Muscatine, Iowa, they are always concerned about the dog lying out front on the concrete. This particular fluffy husky likes the pavement in front of the car shop. He does not mind the heat one bit.


Customers and people passing by are always scared the Husky is dead. The idea of a dog actually enjoying the hot pavement is shocking. One customer sprinted to the dog’s side in concern. Then when he got there, the husky woke up from a routine nap. The customer was extremely relieved. Apparently, this happens daily at Rick’s Automotive.


Hudson, the two-year-old husky, loves his naps, and it is actually a very normal thing for dogs. His owner comments,


He’s not dead. Hudson is just sleeping. He likes the sun.

A local news anchor adds,


The only thing he loves more than the customers is the sun.

According to Puppy Leaks:


Vitamin D is kept in the fatty tissues of the body and liver. It helps regulate the calcium and phosphorus balance in our dog’s bodies. Vitamin D for dogs is important for bone formation, and muscle and nerve control.

So next time you see a dog laying on pavement or in the sun, remember that dogs need vitamin D too! Hudson soaks up the sun for his health, so do not be alarmed if you see him relaxing outside of Rick’s Automotive. Please watch the video below to see more!


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