Cat in Norwich Was Shot With An Arrow And An Unlikely Savior Finds Him

One day, Norwich Mayor Peter Nystrom was campaigning along the streets. While walking with his aide, he found something that completely shocked him. He came across an adorable cat. It wasn’t just any old cat; it was a cat that had an arrow shot through it. Most of all, the cat was still alive but needed immediate medical attention.

After finding the cat, they rushed the cat to All Friends Animal Hospital. They x-rayed the cat, and in the x-ray, you see the how the arrow pinched the cat’s right arm. Lucky enough, the arrow managed to completely miss the jugular, lungs, and heart. Doctors at the hospital said it is a miracle the cat survived the injury.

After seeing where the arrow was, it appears somebody did it on purpose. How could somebody harm such an adorable little cat?

To think that somebody would do this is completely upsetting! The cat, Elliott, was treated and people have stepped up to help the cat’s owner pay for medical costs. The video is heartbreaking.

We feel so happy that the Norwich cat got the help it needed! Share this post with your friends if you are too.

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