Orphaned kittie couldn't use his back legs, rescuers refuse to let him be paralyzed

Having a special needs animal can be a trial of love and heartbreak, even at the best of times. You worry about how you’re going to care for them. Whether they’ll have the quality of life they need and want. That’s the case with our story today. Oats is a special needs kitten brought to a shelter because of a back injury that left him unable to use his back legs. Staff there REFUSED to let this be his fate.

Image by Ellen Carozza

Oats is trying to get a second chance at life.

A couple of weeks ago, Oats was brought to the Humane Rescue Alliance (in Washington D.C.), in hopes at a second chance at life. The shelter reached out to NOVA Cat Clinic. NOVA uses a program to help orphaned kittens in critical care.

“He came to the shelter at the end of November with a spinal injury from being caught in a heavy door. When they had him, he had no deep pain and could not sit up or stand properly,” Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician, told Love Meow.

980x-1-1-2853200 Image by Ellen Carozza

The adorable kitten is unable to feel or use his hindquarters. Because of this he needs lots of help. “His foster family expressed his bladder and cleaned him multiple times per day as he was incontinent at the time.”

Oats warmed up to clinic workers as if he knew they were there to help him. Ellen was able to take him under her wing, giving him the best care he needed.

Once testing was done, the veterinary team saw hope in his recovery. “Even if we can’t get him 100%, we can get him close. No matter what, most paralyzed cats have an amazing quality of life. They just needed the right family to cater to their unique needs,” Ellen added.

A unique kitten with the best personality.

It is safe to say that Oats looks past his injured legs, using his front ones to propel himself around. When he isn’t playing he likes being carried around like a purrito.

Image by Ellen Carozza

“His ear is naturally folded back in a kink and we call it a ‘feature,’ It is what makes him ‘Oats,’” Ellen said. “He also enjoys playing with other kittens. He fits right in to any situation very quickly.”

Treatment begins…

The clinic has started him on a class 4 MLS laser therapy and electroacupuncture. It is a treatment that will help decrease inflammation and stimulate blood flow in his spine.

Image by Ellen Carozza

It didn’t take long before they started seeing results. Oats was starting to feel something he hadn’t felt in a while…

…he can feel his toes!

“After his second session of electroacupuncture at NOVA Cat, he is showing sensitivity even if you just wiggle his toes and attempt to get him to unknuckle his feet when you make him stand. He even stretches and flexes his toes when you rub his belly and responds to his leg exercises,” Ellen said.

Even better news – the kitten is no longer incontinent and has graduated from wearing diapers. The little guy has made major progress in such a short period of time.

Image by Ellen Carozza

Making friends and enjoying life

Oats is a remarkable kitten, giving us all hope to fight when we need to. And now that he’s enjoying life, he’s making new friends! He befriended another rescued kitten, Amos, and the two immediately started creating antics together.

Image by Ellen Carozza

This little guy continues to surprise the humans around him. He has amazing resolve and a playfulness we can only hope to have. One day he will have use of his back legs, till then Oats will be Oats. A fighter.

Image by Ellen Carozza

“He is simply a delight. He is bright, playful, takes his day in stride and is very affectionate,” Ellen said.

Featured Image by Ellen Carozza via screencapture from website Love Meow

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