Obese dog saved from being put down by woman who helps him lose 100 pounds!


Dogs are a lot like humans when it comes to medical issues and obesity. Unlike humans, however, dogs often just get thrown away when something is wrong. One Golden Retriever was going to be euthanized because of extreme obesity. That was before one kind-hearted woman stepped in to save his life and help him become healthy again.



Screen Shot: YouTube/TheDodo

Kai Weighed 173 Pounds When He Was Going To Be Euthanized


When Kai was brought to the shelter by his previous owner to be euthanized, Kai weighed 173 pounds. In fact, he could barely walk. Peggie Heggie, a nurse by profession stepped in to be Kai’s heroine. It would be a long road ahead, but Peggie was determined to help the neglected dog. The vet at the shelter told Peggie that Kai was the “fattest dog” he had ever seen. He also told Peggie that Kai still had a lot of life left in him. He just needed someone to help him lose weight.


Screen Shot: YouTube/TheDodo

Because Kai could barely walk, Heggie started Kai out slow with three short walks a day. At first, Kai could only walk very short distances. “He could walk a few steps and then he’d pant and lay down. It would just bring me to tears,” Heggie stated. But Heggie persisted, and so did Kai.


Heggie used praise instead of treats for positive reinforcement for Kai. Aquatherapy was a huge blessing for the big boy. Once Kai started walking in the water he began to show big improvements. The water took pressure off of his joints, while his range of motion improved. He also began to develop more muscle strength.



As Kai lost weight, people at the local dog park began to notice and praise him. As the weight came off, Kai became more active. Soon, he began to run, jump, and play.


Photo Credit: Facebook/This is Kai

There Was One Epic Failure Though…


“People might have given up on him, but he never gave up on himself,” Heggie proudly proclaimed. In just one year’s time, Kai met his goal of 100 pounds lost. Kai could now run, play and enjoy life. Along the way, Heggie and Kai experienced only one failure. Heggie explained on Kai’s Facebook Page, “Oh the progress I have made and yet there has been failure along the way. Today was a failure of epic proportions. My foster family has failed. I’m ecstatic to announce that I have my FOREVER FAMILY!! I AM HOME.”


Photo Credit: Facebook/This is Kai

Kai now gets to spend his days playing with his doggie siblings at the dog park. Thanks to Heggie for rescuing and helping Kai lose the weight, and Kai for the effort and not giving up, this dog gets a new beginning at life.


Watch Kai’s Incredible Transformation Story Here



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