Officer gets a strange call ends up with two unlikely characters in the back of his car

In Belfast, Maine a police officer is used to getting a lot of different calls such as drunk drivers, helping stranded motorists or even thefts.

But this call was different,  a woman had found two goats inside her garage, eating all of her cat’s food. When the woman called she told police she had them inside her garage with the door closed. When the police officer the goats were jumping up and down and eating cat food.

The goats were very cooperative when Officer Fitzpatrick escorted them out to his police car. The problem still remained that no one knew where the goats came from.  He spent the next 2 hours of his shift with the goats in the back searching for the owners.

 The owner doesn’t know how they escaped her yard but she was very happy that nothing happened to them and that they were taken care of.Offic

“I’d been feeding them little slivers of carrots throughout the day to kind of tide them over, and at one point, Louis kind of nuzzled my ear – he’d put his head through, and was trying to get my attention.”

Louis and Mowgli are now safely back at home but Fitzpatrick can’t help but miss his new goat friends.

 “They were a pleasure to have along. We had a fantastic time.”

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