Officer Saves Drowning Dog From Icy Waters, He's Not The Biggest Hero Of This Rescue

An abandoned dog nearly drowned in the cold waters of Lake Michigan. It was a chilly January day at Lake Michigan. Somebody spotted a stray dog fighting and barely holding on to his life. After falling through the ice, she struggled to stay floating in the chilly 35-degree waters.

A passerby woman saw the pup violently paddling and immediately called the police. The police luckily were able to rescue the dog before it was too late. Her only injury from the incident was a little bit of hypothermia.

She received the name Michigan after the lake she almost died in.

Michigan’s story reached many people. Applications to adopt her came flooding in. The Wisconsin Humane Society picked Brenda Thompson out of the many applicants. Brenda rushed to the shelter after receiving the news. The news excited Brenda tremendously.

“I threw some clothes on and came straight here. I was here pretty much every day since I saw that story,” she tells TMJ4.

Now that she’s officially adopted him, she’s going to make sure they get off to a good start.
“The first thing I’m going to do is take him on a nice long walk,” Brenda says. “His bed is all made up. He’s got brand-new bowls and toys waiting for him. He’s good to go. I think this is the beginning of a great friendship.”

Michigan has a new sister, a black lab Brenda rescued from Hurricane Katrina

Watch the video below of Brenda coming to pick Michigan up and share it with your family!

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