Goose Finds an Officer And Leads Him To Her Trapped Baby


When we are in need of assistance we can always count on our community’s officers to help us. However, you should only call them for emergencies only. Officer James Givens has served with the Cincinnati Police Department for over 26 years. In all that time he’s never had an experience that compares to this one. Last week Givens was sitting in his cruiser when he heard tapping on the door. Little did he know he was going to find a goose outside. Geese are not normally kind to humans, but this one seemed especially frantic.


goose finds officer
Image CC by 2.0 by John Romkey

“This goose came up and started pecking on the side of the car,” Givens told The Dodo. “I threw some food out for her, but she didn’t take it. She just kept pecking and quacking. Then she walked away, stopped and looked back. Then came over again and pecked some more.”


They watched her walk away a second time and look back the officer decided to follow her. It was a good thing they did!


officer helps gosling
Image by James Givens via YouTube video

Goose leads the officer to trapped gosling.


“She led me about 100 yards away to this grassy area near a creek. That’s when I saw one of her babies all tangled up in some string from a balloon. His little feet were kicking,” said Givens. “She led me straight to him.”


Instead of approaching the baby, for fear mama might attack him, Givens radioed for SPCA services. Unfortunately, no one was in the immediate are to come help. However, Givens’ colleague, Officer Cecilia Charron, heard the call and volunteered to help.


“She showed up on her own,” he said. “I told her to be careful, but she just walked over and untangled the baby. The mother goose just watched, like she knew. It was amazing.”


Gosling runs to safety after being released.


Once the baby was untangled, it ran straight for the water with mama close behind. Givens and Charron watched as the two swam away to safety. Not surprisingly, the officers were in disbelief about how it all played out from start to finish. Charron remarked that the experience has been the highlight of her 24 years on the force.


“It seems like something made up. It was just incredible,” said Givens. “I honestly don’t know why I decided to follow her, but I did. It makes me wonder – do they know to turn to humans when they need help?”


goose finds officer to help baby
Image CC0 by bonniecarter20140 via Pixabay


We will never know if the goose actually approached Givens knowing he would help. What is amazing is that he did! “I don’t know what it all means,” Givens said, “but I hope it might inspire more compassion in other people.”


Featured Image CC by 2.0 via Wikimedia

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