Oh My, 3 Enormous St. Bernards Needed To Find A Home…And Stay Together

When these three enormous fluffy canines came up for adoption, the world responded. It was the best possible situation for St. Bernard dogs Goliath, Gunther, and Gasket. The lovable dogs grew up together and definitely did not like being separated.

St. Bernards Gunther, Gasket, and Goliath having a frolic. Screenshot by Edmonton Journal via YouTube video

And the combined 350 lbs of canine were so large that staff at the Edmonton Humane Society in Canada had to rearrange one of the wards so that all three dogs could be together, CTV News reports. Shelter staff wanted to see how the dogs would fare if they were separated. So they did an assessment. But everyone thought the massive St. Bernard dogs would be unhappy if separated because they’d always been together,  WeLoveAnimals reports. And they were right.

Lovable St. Bernard dogs Were Upset

How cuddly are these faces? Screenshot by the Edmonton Humane Society via WeLoveAnimals

“When we did this assessment, we saw behaviors that indicated that they were stressed,” said the shelter’s manager Jamey Blair. “They were panting, trying to escape, looking for each other and not necessarily eating. These things definitely improved once the dogs were put back together.”

Since the dogs were miserable when they were separated, the staff knew what this meant. They would have to be adopted together.

And that wasn’t going to be easy

Potential owners were facing some pretty big responsibilities, Blair said.

“They should definitely take into consideration the costs that go into caring for these dogs,” she said. “You’re looking at over 300 lbs of dog that you have to feed each month, as well as the vet care, their lifespan and the grooming that they will all need to have.”

Their new family will need to spend three times the effort in caring for them but in return, they will receive three times the love and protection these wonderful dogs can provide.

Featured image by Edmonton Journal via YouTube video

People from all over the world applied to adopt this fluffy trio, but after a week, the shelter settled on a Calgary family. The family is a “perfect fit,” the staff says. They want to remain anonymous so that the dogs, officially adopted earlier this month, have a chance to get used to their new home.

Gunther, Gasket, and Goliath will have two older kids to play with and a one-acre yard that’s fenced. It’s definitely a wonderful situation for these adorable St. Bernard dogs.

And dogs’ new family is thrilled

“We are beyond excited to be giving these three dogs their forever home,” the family said in an EHS press release. “When we found out that we were getting the opportunity to meet them, we cried tears of joy.”

It’s heartwarming to see that the situation for these big boys has ended so well. May they always receive plenty of love in their new home.

You can watch the good news in the video below.

That is a lot of responsibility!  Would you adopt three large dogs?

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