Old Blind Dog Dumped At Shelter, Photo Captures Her Reaction Of Being Loved Again

Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles received a very special dog recently.  This dog was an 18-year-old blind Dachshund named Muneca.

When this adorable little girl was surrendered to the shelter she no longer had a home, she was blind and no one to love her anymore.

However, when she met a volunteer, Elaine Seamans Muneca jumped into her arms and clung to her as if she never wanted to be put down.  Photos were taken of the two in a unique embrace that was so adorable. This dog just wanted to feel loved and know she was safe.

This photo says a thousand words.

After the photos were taken the staff posted them online tons of applications started pouring into the shelter.  So many people wanted to adopt Muneca because of one photo.

The Adoption

Muneca was adopted shortly after and is now in her forever home.  She gets to spend hours at the beach feeling the sun’s rays warming her tail.  Her new momma holds her every chance she gets.  She even made a ‘Muneca-Sling’ that she can use to keep her close while doing things around the house.  

We are so happy that Muneca is now getting all the love and attention every dog deserves.

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