Old cat ends up spending more time in his new home than he originally planned

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After Heather Garner went to her local animal shelter to drop off donations, she did not know she would be leaving with a cat of her own. But it turns out that this old kitty, Chester,  was the best thing that happened to her and her family. And, that they were the best thing that happened to him.

After hearing about how Chester was found, Heather was heartbroken. He tried walking into traffic. But luckily someone stopped him!



She comments, “Everyone there was heartbroken to think that perhaps homeless Chester’s actions were an attempt to give up.”

Once her family adopted Chester they fell in love with him. Garner adds,

“We adopted him because we wanted Chester to have the opportunity to be someone’s pet, perhaps for the first time or perhaps again. We honestly did not think Chester would be with us for longer than a week or two.”


After months of him sticking around, the family made many, many memories with him: “Chester slept under Christmas trees, snuggled in our son’s bed almost nightly, trained us to turn on the tub faucet (because tub water is better, you know), and acquired the most amazing collection of T-shirts and sweaters to keep his old body warm. He stole popcorn out of our bowls during movie nights and took over the bed that was for our 60-pound dog. Chester chased stuffed mice, played administrative assistant whenever someone had their laptop out, and taught us that love really is the best medicine.”

When the family adopted him, the old kitty was 18. He lived until he was 22! Garner writes,

“While we took him home knowing he was our ‘hospice cat,’ we will forever be grateful that he loved us so much. And that he decided to stick around an extra 1,640 days.”

She finally concludes,

“Chester gave us more in his five years than we ever thought possible when we first met him,” she says. “The house is a bit quieter now, the giant dog bed lies empty, a Donald Duck T-shirt is unworn, and our hearts are a bit broken…but we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Adopting an old cat or dog may be a great option for you too! Please share this story with friends to bring awareness to the older dogs and cats living in shelters!

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