Old dog suffers from separation anxiety, so his owners had to fix the problem


As we get old, we become more sentimental towards those that mean a lot to us. Dogs are not an exception to this idea. When dogs begin to age and as do we, we want to spend as much time with them before they pass. Their time and love are so important to us. But what we don’t realize about our dogs is that they also value the same things as us. After we leave the house, they get sad because they want to spend time with us also.


Shorty, an older dog has lived with Marc, his owner, for 15 years. The pair have an unbreakable bond. Also, they have gone on many adventures throughout the years and thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. Recently, Shorty’s old age has been affecting his adventurous side.

oldSadly, Marc hasn’t been able to take Shorty with him everywhere he goes. So Shorty has begun to get anxious after his beloved owner leaves him. Marc noticed this anxiety. Marc’s wife, Kristen, could not do anything to calm the dog, so Marc mother in law came up with a genius idea. She suggested to dress up a mannequin-like Marc.


So that is exactly what they did. They got a mannequin and dressed it like Marc. But they also put tattoos like Marcs on the mannequin too. It worked! Marc decided to name the mannequin ‘Farc,’ as in fake Marc.

The caption on this photo is,


Farc is getting a little too comfortable here…

Along with dressing up mannequins, the couple has a nonprofit organization called Vintage Pet Rescue. The rescue focuses on older dogs in need. After the couple noticed Shorty’s old age, they figured others must be just like him.


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