Old dog was about to be ‘gassed’ in a shelter, but when someone offers to rescue it, the owner does something shocking


The world is filled with kind and generous people, and on the flip side, there are also people whose hearts are filled with greed. When you add pets into the mix, it can get very ugly when dealing with someone who sees an animal as just a dollar figure. One lady begged someone to take her dog so that she wouldn’t have to take her to the shelter, but when someone stepped forward she tried getting a lot of money for the dog as a rehoming fee.



Owner Asks For $350 Rehoming Fee and $100 For Supplies To Be Included


A Reddit user shared her story of the greedy dog owner who was dumping her dog at the shelter and then what happened when she agreed to take the dog in. She said that the owner made a desperate plea on Reddit for someone to please help her. The owner said she had to take her dog to the shelter but hoped someone would take her dog instead. The dog was headed to a kill shelter, and so she pleaded for someone to give her dog a home so that she wouldn’t be put in the gas chamber. When a kind woman stepped forward and offered to help, greed set in. The owner then asked for a $450 rehoming fee which included a rusty, old crate and dog toys. The $350 was for the rehoming fee and $100 for supplies.


The dog is a 7-year-old pit bull mix named Luna. The owner said she was moving in with her mother and could not take the dog. The owner also wanted someone to pick up the dog directly from her since she didn’t have a vehicle.  The two women went back and forth over the dog. The owner had gone from needing help to wanting to make money from someone. She wanted not just a little bit of money but quite a bit of money.


The Reddit user shared the back and forth banter for all to read. I think most dog lovers are going to have a hard time reading this, but rest assured the dog did get a home in the end. The good Samaritan offered to take the dog in for a lesser amount. This was out of the kindness of her heart for the poor dog. Here is some of the conversation that took place.




Luna Gets A Home But They Find She Has Suffered Abuse In Her Previous Home


Luna’s new owner explained the final deal. She said, “My cousin & I each put in $50 and told CB the absolute most we would pay her is the $100 she’s asking for the supplies. She eventually accepted our offer. Obviously, I didn’t want to give this awful human $100 for her bullshit but if that’s the price for going to sleep tonight knowing the dog is safe & away from her, I’m ok with it.”


Unfortunately, Luna was in bad shape when her new owner picked her up. She explained, “The crate she wanted to charge us for was filthy and rusty as if the dog had been locked in it for long periods of time and was just peeing all over. She must have been a really shitty owner because it looks like the dog hasn’t been bathed in ages and also has nails so long they’re curling under her feet.”


The new owner took Luna to a vet and paid a large amount in medical fees. When she tried to contact the previous owner for medical information, the previous owner was rude and not cooperative.


Luna’s new owner planned on reporting the poor state that the dog was to authorities.  She wrote, “We will be reporting CB for animal neglect and abuse. Cousin already took photos of the disgusting crate, her nails, her wounds, etc. I hope CB is punished or at least has her home searched in case she has any other animals.” But as far as the dog is concerned she wrote, “It’s a happy ending. Luna gets medical care and an owner that loves her. Cousin got a new best friend. I can sleep better tonight knowing the pup’s away from this awful human. ”


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