People Are Going Crazy Over Olive The Cat And His Gorgeous Eyes

There is a condition in cats that is called heterochromia iridis, which means that the iris has different colors. Some people call them odd-eyed cats because of this unique eye color pattern. An example is that one eye may be blue and one might be green.

But a special cat named Olive takes this different eye color even a step further. And that is because both eyes have two colors in each eye. The result is stunning. The type of heterochromia that Olive has is called partial heterochromia. With this condition, the iris of just one eye contains two colors. Olive’s eyes are blue and yellow. This is a very rare occurrence.

Heterochromia may sound like a disease but there are no risks associated with it. Olive is completely healthy. She also has three other cat companions who are beautiful also.

This Is Fifi Who Is Olive’s Sister. She Also Has Stunning Eyes. And Just Look At That Fluffy And Soft Fur!

Skyla Is Not To Be Outdone Either. Just Take A Look At Those Baby Blues.

Last But Not Least Is Charlie. He Is The Only Boy Of The Home. Charlie Sure Is One Handsome Guy.

If you’d like to follow Olive and her sisters, you can on their Instagram page.

Do you know any cats with unique eye patterns like Olive? No matter what the color of the eyes or pattern of the fur, all animals are unique in their own way. They each have their own personalities and ways of showing affection. There truly are no two cats in the world that are exactly alike.

If you have a cat with an unusual eye or fur pattern, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your special pet in the comments. What makes him or her unique?

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