On The ‘Today Show’ Dierks Bentley Meets An Adorable Puppy And Later Adopts Him


When the arrow of love hits you, there’s not a lot that you can do about it but respond appropriately and follow your heart. And that’s exactly what Dierks Bentley did when he met a shelter dog while on the Today Show. Let’s take a look at what the music star did to get animal lovers everywhere cheering.



Bentley already had two dogs but when he met a homeless puppy, he just knew that the puppy would come home with him. Bentley was performing on the Today Show when a segment about shelter pets was also featured. That’s when he met an 8-week-old border collie mix that needed a home.


The puppy’s name is Goose. Goose was residing at Muddy Paws Rescue NYC until he found a forever home. This particular shelter has rehomed over 3,500 dogs. When Bentley got to hold Goose, the star knew that it was love at first sight.



“I feel a connection. I feel it’s meant to be,” Bentley announced while saying he was going to adopt Goose. Bentley posted a video on his Instagram showing off his newest family member. “I was not planning on getting another dog, we already have two. But, I mean, come on. How can you say no to that (face)?,” He stated.



Goose Has Joined Bentley’s Burning Man Tour


Goose has been traveling on the road with Bentley during his Burning Man tour. He was even featured wearing a wig to look like his new dad. The caption stated, “What time is it? Around 6 o’clock right? If the @hotcountryknights confuse you, just imagine how the new puppy feels….”


Bentley is already well-loved by many fans. But this act of kindness in adopting a homeless dog has made him even more popular. One fan wrote, “Boom!! Ya did the right thing!” Another stated, “And yet another reason we love you!”



Way to go Bentley! And here’s to a happy life for you and Goose.

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