One dog becomes a hero to its owner


Not only are dogs a man’s best friends, but they can be much more than that. Some dogs are literally heroic. Carl may be small and quiet, but his heroic act saved both him and his owner’s lives.

When Drew Smith was looking for a dog to adopt, he was set on adopting a golden retriever. During the process, he could not find one he fell in love with. But then a came across Carl, a mutt. Although Carl was not a Golden Retriever, he had similar colors and facial features to them. But that was not what attracted Drew to him. Drew loved that he sat peacefully at the shelter while all the other ones were barking and going crazy.


As soon as Carl came home with Drew, Drew knew he made the right decision. Carl is the type of dog Drew could take anywhere because he is so reserved and kind to others. Drew even recalls questioning if Carl could even bark after three weeks of having him because he never heard him bark. But one night this all changed.

After a long day, Drew sensed something was wrong with Carl. He paced back and forth and even whimpered too. Drew tried to comfort his best friend but nothing worked. So he went to bed. When he was awoken in the middle of the night by Carl, Carl was going crazy. Drew had never seen his beloved dog bark like this before. So Drew was definitely startled.


When Drew finally turned on the light, he knew exactly why Carl was going crazy, so he called 911.

If you want to see what Carl saved his owner from, please watch the video below. You will not believe how Carl’s heroic act saved his owner.


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