Onlookers put up a sign to protect a baby penguin until his mom comes back

Penguins are some of the cutest birds on the planet. While many people think they can only live in Antarctica, that is just not true. One day, while Jeff Mein Smith was taking a daily stroll along a New Zealand beach, he noticed something unusual…It was a baby penguin!

The sweet little blue penguin was all alone. No one was with him, not his mother, not a sibling, and not his father. He sat on the beach lonely. The only thing surrounding him was a bunch of people. And they did not have his best interest. Many of them had their dogs with them. Clearly, this made the blue penguin extremely uncomfortable. 

When Smith returned the next day there was a sign next to the penguin. It was undeniable that someone was looking out for the hopeless bird. It reads,

Hi, I’m waiting for my mum to come back. [New Zealand’s Department of Conservation] knows I’m here. Please leave me alone. *Keep your dog away. Thanks, Billy the baby blue penguin.

The team named the penguin Billy. Billy continued to stay by the sign. No relative returned to save him. So local wildlife officials took him in because they knew he was not independent enough to live by himself. 

Once they arrived at the animal rescue the wildlife officials deemed Billy to be about two months old. Also, Billy was extremely underweight for his age. He was in dire need of help, and little did he know it. 

After wildlife officials took care of Billy, he was taken to Christ Church Penguin Rehabilitation. There he was well fed and loved. The hope is to get him stable enough so that he can return back to the wild very soon. 

The blue penguin need to be protected. If you live in an area where they are native to, be careful when letting your dogs out. These birds are precious and we would hate to see them suffer. Share this post to bring awareness to this beautiful bird!

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