Orangutan is bored so he does the funniest thing, video catches how he cures his boredom

Humans are not the only species to get bored, have a sense of humor and initiate games. Many animals share some of the same characteristics as us. One intelligent orangutan at a Bali Zoo in Indonesia decided that just receiving treats was not enough fun. He decided to change the activity. Thankfully the playful interaction between a zoo visitor and the orangutan was caught on camera for us all to enjoy.

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Orangutans Are Extremely Intelligent

Michelle Desilets is the executive director of Orangutan Land. This behavior comes as no surprise to her. She explains, “If you give a chimpanzee a screwdriver, he’ll break it;  if you give a gorilla a screwdriver, he’ll toss it over his shoulder;  but if you give an orangutan a screwdriver, he’ll open up his cage and walk away.”

Check out this cute video, and keep an eye on how the orangutan seems to make sure that zoo officials are not looking before it throws the banana at the man. Or maybe it’s looking at another orangutan before throwing the banana. Whoever he is looking at, one thing is for certain…this orangutan has a lot going on in his mind.

Never Throw Food Into An Animal Habitat Without Permission From Zoo Officials

Although this was a fun game to watch, make sure to never throw food or any object into an orangutan’s zoo habitat without permission from zoo officials. Because orangutans are so closely related to humans, they can catch some of the same illnesses and diseases from us. Even if you aren’t feeling sick, an orangutan may pick up something harmful from you. Some objects could also become choking hazards. There are often zoo exhibits that do allow you to feed the animals, so always makes sure you only feed the appropriate food to the approved animals.

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