Orphaned Baby Elephant Cries For Mom, Watch Who Comes Around The Corner

A herd of elephants watches as a new rescued baby elephant is released into their enclosure.  They all rush to greet the new baby named “Dok Geaw”.

Baby Dok is only a year old but was tragically orphaned.  During this traumatic time in his life, the baby elephant never would have guessed that he would be welcomed like this.

As the one-year-old elephant enters the compound you can hear him cry out then watch as the other elephants coming running from across the enclosure.  The sound reminds me of dinosaur movies right before T-rex shows up.

At The Elephant Compound

When they all make it to the baby,  they push their trunks through the gates.  They show him love and to give him some reassuring pats that everything is ok.  Elephants are known for being deeply empathic and social creatures, we can see that in the video.

All the elephants seem excited to get to know their new family member.  Little Dok Geaw didn’t realize he would be given the most amazing welcome by the entire herd of elephants already living there.  The excitement is clear and elephants have got to be one of the cutest animals on the planet.

The entire scene is shown here in this video!

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