Orphaned Kitten Meets It's New Mom, The Moment is Breathtaking

Meet Ember a rescued cat mama who lost all of her kittens due to server illness.  Now she has found happiness again.  Enter, Flame a kitten who was brought to the Humane Society in desperate need of some TLC from a mother after she was orphaned.  Ember stepped right in.

It was evident immediately that the mourning mother cat was in love.  She was snuggling him, cleaning him and trying to feed him.  How adorable.

Photo Credit: Atlanta Humane Society

There was an immediate bond between them.  They knew the two would have to go into foster care together.

From that day forward the two have brought joy and reassurance into each other’s life.  They lay together and purr in unison.

Photo Credit: Atlanta Humane Society

These two are together in time for Mother’s Day and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Watch this adorable video of mama Ember and baby Flame:

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