Cruel Person Abandons Over 10 Pets In The Middle Of The Road


Dumping animals off to fend for themselves is cruel. Most pets will die a slow death of starvation or get hit by a vehicle. Some may get picked up by good samaritans, but even then, many of the animals dumped off are in bad shape by the time they are found. People who do such crimes obviously are not compassionate people. They are heartless and cruel. And when the law catches up with those kinds of people, they will face animal cruelty charges. Let’s take a look at a case of a woman who dumped off 11 pets in the middle of the road. Hopefully, she will be found and justice will be served.




A woman took her 11 pets to an animal shelter but there was not enough room for them at that time. So she was caught on video dumping them all in the middle of the road. Then she drove off and left them to fend for themselves. According to C.A.R.E Animal Shelter (Critter Adoption & Rescue Effort, Inc.), she was warned to not just dump them. She drove away from the rescue and did just that.


Volunteers and animal lovers went out and searched for the abandoned pets. Within a few days time, all of the 11 pets were found.



The Woman Was Caught On Camera


Video footage shows the blue vehicle that the woman was driving in as she abandoned the animals. Hopefully, someone will have information about this woman’s whereabouts. She will face charges of animal cruelty when she is found. Let’s hope that she is found soon and that this serves as an example to others who are thinking of doing the same.


Animal abuse and abandonment do carry consequences. Let’s team together to put an end to it. Take a look at the following news coverage of what happened. You will get to see what the vehicle looks like. Make sure to share this story so that justice will be served soon.




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