Over 200 Animals Found In Deplorable Conditions On Michigan Woman's Property

These stories happen more and more every day. So we want to make our readers aware of the cruelty that happens to animals.  This is not a fictional story made up by someone on the internet.

Authorities say more than 200 animals were discovered on a property in southern Michigan. Dogs, horses, and cats were found living in poor conditions.

The sheriff’s department received a tip from a concerned neighbor that dogs were being sold as puppies with false documentation and were being kept in poor conditions. A search warrant was executed immediately.

Investigators found more than 200 dogs, 32 horses, five cats and two peacocks which were removed as quickly as possible.

53-year-old Sharon Kay Evans, the owner of the property, turned herself in and was arraigned on charges of animal abandonment and cruelty. According to sheriff’s records, Evans had a valid kennel license allowing her to possess up to 75 dogs. Law enforcement had been to Evans’ residence before on calls of barking dogs, loose donkeys, and civil matters.

Evans will be assigned a public defender but entered a not guilty plea.  She was released shortly afterward.

What do you think the penalty should be for dog kennels not obeying the laws of their state?  Do you agree that this property owner should have received jail time and a fine at the very least?

 We need to hear from you that’s the only way we can make a difference.  Share this to spread awareness all over the country.

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