Over 80 thousand dollars raised by a 9-year-old boy to buy police dogs bullet proof vests


K9 Police Dogs do so much to help keep us safe. They even risk and sometimes lose their own lives while on duty. One boy went the extra mile to help police dogs to stay safe.


Image Source: Twitter/Mendon Police Department and GoFundMe

Brady Snakovsky has raised close to $80,000 to purchase bulletproof vests for K9 officers. Brady is only 9-years-old yet he has made a huge impact in keeping police dogs safe. He thought of the idea while watching one of his favorite shows called, Live PD. Brady noticed that a K9 officer was not wearing a bulletproof vest. He wanted to change that.


Brady asked his mom if he could buy a K9 vest for a dog in need. But when shopping for one, he found out that they can cost upward of $1,200. So he set up a GoFundMe page and then watched as funds poured in.


Image Source: Twitter/Mendon Police Department


The Funds Started Pouring In


The GoFundMe page has currently brought in $86,000 of the $100,000 goal. And the funds are still coming in. On the GoFundMe page, Brady wrote,


“I hope to provide as many vests as I possibly can to the very deserving officers that are out there. Currently, we have a waiting list of 20+ police officers who have contacted us in need of a vest. With your help, we can help provide them with one.”


Image Source: GoFundMe/K9 Bulletproof Vest

The Ohio State Highway Patrol posted a thank you to Brady on their Facebook page. “Brady is the founder of Brady’s K9 Fund, a non-profit organization that raises money to purchase body armor for police canines,” the post stated. “Both Atos and Ure are wearing vests that Brady’s K9 Fund recently purchased. As of this week, Brady has donated 72 protective vests to police canines across Ohio and New York.”


Image Source: Facebook/Ohio State Highway Patrol

The post went on to state,


“The troopers met with Brady to thank him and his foundation for their generous donations. They also presented Brady with the pictured trooper badge wall sign as a personal thank you. Thank you, Brady!”


Trooper Jim Baker’s K9 partner received a vest. Baker said,


“Makes me feel great knowing that not only is he protecting me, but I’m also protecting him. It’s a great partnership.”


Image Source: GoFundMe/K9 Bulletproof Vest

Brady hopes that someday all K9 officers across the country will have bulletproof vests.  “With donors’ help, he’s starting to make that dream come true — one dog at a time,” the GoFundMe page says. Well done, Brady, well done!




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