Owl Is Tangled In Fishing Line And Stranded, He Shows Up For Work To Become A Hero

Showing up for work this guy didn’t expect to become a hero that day. An owl had become trapped in a fishing line and unable to fly.  Now he was stranded in a pond at the Lost Creek Country Club Golf Course.

The fishing line was wrapped around the Great Horned Owl so tightly that it was held prisoner by it, unable to move or fly for over 12 hours.  When Craig Loving entered the scene and began approaching the owl who was perched on a log in the middle of a pond on the golf course.  He didn’t know what he was getting into but Loving acted quickly to help save this owl.

Great Horned Owls are predators and equipped with strong talons and beaks that can easily puncture human skin and bones.

Keeping calm through the whole rescue must have helped.  Because the owl also remained calm while allowing Loving to carefully remove the fishing line that he was ensnared in.

“The fishing line was wrapped around its wing, so they were going to try to get someone to go and get it and I guess I volunteered.”

Loving explains the delicate process that he used to free the bird, “I cut the fishing line and then it was still wrapped around it so I unwrapped it a couple of times.”  Once the owl was free, he allowed Loving to check him over and inspect his wing as if he knew he was there to help him. Carefully, using a shovel handle he offered the owl a place to perch.  The owl accepted the offer and Loving then carried him back to shore. Once on the shore, he checked him again and set the shovel down. The bird then flew off to freedom.

Without the caring help from Loving, this magnificent owl most likely would have died a slow and painful death.

Enjoy this video of the incredible rescue.

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