Owner Abandons Dog By Telling Him To Stay. Dog Stays Put One Full Week Waiting

There are some heartbreaking stories of abandonment. Whether it is an abandonment of children or animals, it tugs at the hearts of compassionate people everywhere. When I heard of the following two dogs, it especially broke my heart, because it clearly illustrated the evil hearts of some people in comparison to the loyal hearts of canines. Waiting around to the end will be well worth it.

This story takes place in Moscow. An owner is about to abandon his dog but before he leaves him, he tells the dog to “stay.” Being a loyal creature as most dogs are, this dog listens and waits for his owner’s return. And he waits and waits. Days turn into a week, but the owner does not return.  At this point, you may be ready to hunt down the person who could do such a cruel thing. The reality is that this happens every day, many times a day at various places in the world. Dogs, cats, and pets of all varieties are dumped off like trash.

He Was Waiting For Over A Week.

Woman Persuades Dog To Safety

People passed this dog by, until one person, Elena Kniazeva was able to finally persuade the dog to come with her to an animal shelter. The dog was given food, water, and a safe place to bed down. He was renamed, Luke.

Luke had just faced the ultimate betrayal by humankind. He was rightfully so, shy and apprehensive of making new friends at the shelter. But with time, Luke learned to trust again. Luke soon befriended a dog who had seen and suffered much abuse. The dog, now named Dennis was found with his mother and siblings. His mother was missing ears because someone cut them off. A sibling of Dennis was found dead. Dennis had suffered a leg injury that has since healed when given proper care at the shelter.

Cause 4 Paws Toronto To the Rescue

Luke and Dennis quickly struck up a friendship at the shelter. With a desire to keep these two together, so they wouldn’t have to go through any more loss and sorrow, Cause 4 Paws Toronto heard of their story and decided to rescue them together.

Luke and Dennis are in Canada awaiting their forever homes.

The two buddies are now in Canada awaiting their forever homes. If you are interested in learning more about how to adopt these two, or other rescued dogs, visit the Cause 4 Paws Toronto website.  There are so many amazing dogs just waiting to make their way into your heart.

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