Owner Creates A Game Of Thrones Inspired Throne For Her Cat And He Loves It

Cats have a way of demanding to be treated like royalty. And while all cat breeds seem to display this type of characteristic, the Maine Coon especially looks the part. They are very big with pronounced features. The majestic mane even looks much like a lion. Main Coons truly are magnificent in all of their ways.


Elly Gibson, 25 knows full well what it is like to live with royalty. She has a 17-year-old Maine Coon named Arthur that has earned his spot in her home as king. Every king deserves a throne, so Elly got right to work in making Arthur his very own royal chair. With glue, paint, and scissors in hand, she got right to work.


“I was looking at this cardboard box, a shoebox for children’s boots that my mom had mailed me something in, and I was thinking I could make Arthur a new bed,” Elly explained. “I opened it up and it already kind of looked like a chair, so I thought I could make a throne, since we often call him King Arthur. And then I realized the best throne to make would be the Iron Throne.”

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For Some Reason, Arthur Wasn’t Accepting His Throne

Elly got busy and started to create. She cut and glued and then painted it black. But Arthur had no interest in sitting on his throne. Something was missing. “I sewed a little cushion for his fat booty,” Elly said. Then the throne was complete!


“Arthur loves sitting and lying in it!” Elly says. “He likes to rub his face in it. He is definitely the head of the house, so it’s fitting. We also have two large dogs, and they are pretty submissive to Arthur.”

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Arthur’s home is now complete since he has his own throne. And he certainly has earned it. “He’s 17 years old. He was my husband’s cat from childhood and we’re very lucky to still have Arthur in our lives,” Elly said.

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