Owner Didn't Expect A Puppy, So He Took Matters Into His Own Hands I Couldn't Believe It

Sometimes a problem encourages you to be creative in your efforts.  One man did just that when his dogs had puppies.

Tran Quoc Tien is the dog owner of two adorable dogs named Tony and Tiny. When the furry canine couple had pups, Tran was able to adopt them out to family members.

All but one that is.  That he decided to keep and name Teddy. The name is very fitting for obvious reasons when you look at the cute photo.

One slight problem arose.  Tran was accustomed to taking his dogs with him to most places.  As the pup grew he would be able to go out an excursion. The dogs are Tran’s  family and he was seldom without them.  When Teddy became a part of the family though he found it hard for the pup to safely keep up.

So he started working on devising a carrier for him. When making the carrier Tran thought, who would be better to carry his offspring than the parents, right? So Tran cut up some old jeans and experimented until he had the perfect back pack invention.

Tran was used to carrying his adult dogs around in backpacks but with the addition of Teddy, he needed a new system, so he made a backpack for Teddy to be carried by either Tony or Tiny.

Teddy fits in the backpack just perfectly and even sometimes falls asleep in it as Teddy’s canine dad Tony carries him around. As Teddy grows this system won’t work so well, but for now it’s perfect and perfectly adorable too.

From the photo, the dogs sure look content and as for Tran if his dogs are happy, then he’s happy too.

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