Owner Puts Wife on the Phone, Puppy's Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

Pets, dogs especially, are social by nature and crave our attention. Very few dog owners want to leave their dogs home alone. They don’t know how their pet will cope with being alone for hours at a time. Even if there is still an owner at home, pets will show signs of anxiety for the one they favor. Dogs can spend hours howling, crying, or whining when we leave the house. For some, this is pure torment. However, one dog owner puts his wife on the phone for their Boxer puppy.

The puppy has unlikely explored most of his surroundings. It is also clear that he’s never “spoken” on a phone before. However, the reaction is adorable! The puppy must have been showing signs of being lonely, causing him to call his wife.

Owner puts wife on the phone for their puppy

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

Harvey, the Boxer puppy, is laying on the couch when his owner puts the female owner on the phone. The reaction to her voice coming over the phone is priceless. It is, without a doubt, the cutest thing you’ll see today. Clearly, Harvey misses her very much when she goes off to work. Upon hearing her voice over the phone, he gets confused. It’s as if Harvey is trying to puzzle out where she might be.

“Harvey, now who’s this?” The husband asks just seconds before his wife answers.

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

His wife then speaks; “Harvey, whatchu doin’ boy?….Hello Harvey!”

His head begins to tilt to each side as he’s figuring out what’s going on. “Where is she? Oh, don’t you look all confused.” His owner laughs sympathetically as the conversation continues. Harvey gets up and walks around on the couch in confusion, yet seems to realize what is happening. Could he be happy to hear her voice through the phone?

What happens when they’re alone?

Have you often wondered what happens to your pet when you’re not home? According to leading scientists, the first few minutes of isolation are the worst. Alice Potter, a pet scientist at the RSPCA says: ‘The separation reaction is displayed soon after the departure of the owner, normally commencing within 30 minutes, and often within the first few minutes.’

So what can we expect to happen while we’re not home?

“The most common behavioural signs of separation-related behaviour are destructive behaviour often targeted at the door the owner leaves through, various types of vocalizations (howling, barking and whining), defecating and urinating.”

Apparently, dogs can recognize when we are about to go somewhere. Key hints they pick up on are putting on shoes, grabbing our keys and bags as we head out the door. Now, what can owners do to keep their pets from becoming stressed?

‘Your dog will be more likely to relax when left alone if they’ve been fed and exercised beforehand…It’s important not to punish your dog if he has gone to the toilet or being destructive whilst you are out as likely to make him feel more anxious about being left alone and can damage your relationship,’ she added.

Recording session

If you’re worried that your pet might be showing signs of anxiety while you’re gone, record their behavior a couple times. This allows you to see how they react while you’re gone. As for Harvey, his owners might be able to train him to have less anxiety while they’re away as he grows. Till then, phone chats are funny to watch. Check out the adorable video between Harvey and his mamma below!

Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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