Owner Writes A Letter To Prove Her ’Extremely Unfriendly’ Cat Actually Has A Soft Side


Cats are such unique creatures. They can be cuddly yet remain totally autonomous. They are dependent on humans for having a safe life, yet they can survive on their own. Cats are domesticated, yet many remain feral.  Not many domesticated animals are like cats. They seem to keep part of their wild nature in them as they roam America’s living rooms.


Woman’s Letter To Her Cat Goes Viral


One woman wrote a letter to her cat named Audrey and then shared it on social media. She never knew what a hit her letter would make with the world of cat lovers. Her cat was a feral cat that was in need of a human to look out for her many years ago. Though Audrey remains independent to this day, she sneaks in and snuggles with her human at night.


Image Source: skeletoorr


Here Is The Letter That Took The Internet By Storm


Image Sources: skeletoorr


Readers Respond


The letter touched many cat lovers. And many responded to her post. Take a look at some of the responses.





Kindness Never Goes Out Of Style


This cat owner showed kindness to a cat that many may have overlooked as a pet. In return, the cat has given night snuggles and the beautiful sound of purring back as a gift to her human. This is a great story that illustrates the power of love and kindness. Maybe more people will look twice at that shelter dog cowering the corner, or the cat that hisses and tries to scratch humans through the bars of a cage. Most of the time it is just fear that makes animals react harshly towards people. Once shown love and kindness, most animals will come around and repay you with love in return. It just may take some patience to get to that place where the animal accepts you as a friend.


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