Paralyzed cat finds a way to continue living a happy life


Just like humans have disabilities, so do animals. Often times, we forget how animals can be born with or given certain disabilities. Animals like dogs and cats are affected by disabilities. Sadly, these pets are often hard to care for. People usually give them to shelters because they do not have the patience to take care of them. What many people do not realize is taking care of these pets can be super rewarding. One paralyzed kitty was lucky enough to have found a loving and caring home.




When this woman found a paralyzed kitten, Chloe, at her local shelter, she knew she had to foster her. After very little thought the kitten came home with her. She comments,


I brought her home, and all I could do was cry for the first two days that I had her. I was not used to seeing a kitten drag themselves the way that she did. And the first thing I did was reach out to people I knew who had paralyzed cats.

She adds, “I am doing things I have never done before, like setting up yoga mats around the house, so she can get herself around more easily. We just have to kinda adjust things so that it suits her needs.

Chloe’s foster parent then did everything she could to get her legs back to normal. After 30 vet appointments, her foster parent began to lose hope.” Then she realized,


She does not see her self as disabled. I think she started being a lot happier when we accepted her as she is. She is so joyful.

Soon after, Chloe was adopted by an amazing family. Her foster mom was so happy for her. Please watch the video below.


Woman Rescues Paralyzed Kittens And Finds Them Homes

You can pick any problem in the world and do something about it 💓

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Please share this heartwarming story. Let us bring awareness to cats who are paralyzed.

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