Paralyzed dog dumped on the street with nothing but a bag of diapers and a broken wheelchair

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For some animals, life is pretty simple. They find a loving home right away and stay there throughout their lives. However, for other animals, life can be one struggle after another. However, much like the paralyzed dog you are about to meet, you can find inspiration from an animal that should have turned bitter and mean from their experiences — yet somehow still manage to find joy in their lives.


Now, as you know, caring for an animal is never easy. It becomes especially tricky if something happens to their health and they require extra care.

We think that must have been what happened to the paralyzed dog you are about to meet. When rescuers located poor Lunita, someone had tied her to a rail in front of a grooming shop in Salta, Argentina.

paralyzed dog
Image Screenshot from DogRescue via YouTube Video

Whoever left the paralyzed dog on the street alone, abandoned her there with nothing but a broken wheelchair and a few extra diapers. As you can see, the poor thing had tipped over on her side and couldn’t even move.


Obviously, in Argentina, it was going to be a monumental task to find someone to adopt a paralyzed dog. So, after a while, the rescue organization, LUBA Salta, stepped in a took over Lunita’s care while everyone attempted to find her a forever home.

paralyzed dog
Image Screenshot from DogRescue via YouTube Video

Fortunately, before too long, a family in America adopted Lunita. Unfortunately, the family was not entirely honest about their ability to care for a dog with special needs — which led to Lunita’s next difficulty.


Sadly, Lunita developed a couple of severe infections from sleeping in a mite-infested bed.

paralyzed dog
Image Screenshot from DogRescue via YouTube Video

From the treatment for all those conditions, Lunita lost her hair from her waist all the way down to her tail. However, once again, Lunita recovered from her injuries and neglect.

Would she ever find happiness in a loving forever home, though?


Well, you will be happy to know that this paralyzed dog with the unbeatable spirit did find another home — and this one really was forever.

paralyzed dog
Image Screenshot from DogRescue via YouTube Video

Lunita spent 11 beautiful years with her new family. In that time, the paralyzed dog traveled, made new friends, and even went to a ton of birthday parties.

paralyzed dog
Image Screenshot from DogRescue via YouTube Video

Sadly, shortly after the party celebrated Lunita’s 11th year with her family, she fell ill. She died a few hours later in the ICU surrounded by her family and people that loved her.

“I will never forget her and how much she meant to me,” Lunita’s mom wrote on Facebook. “She changed my life forever. I loved her so much.”

Thanks to a spirit that just wouldn’t quit and the many humans that helped her along the way, Lunita found her happiness at last.

We know one thing, if Lunita can push on through what she did, it makes us feel like we can do almost anything.

Check out her video below:

Featured Image Screenshot from DogRescue via YouTube Video

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