Parents Divorce And Get Rid Of Her Puppy, 11 Years Later Her Dog Is Walking Up To Her

Kate Griffen never expected to see her dog again.  When her parents divorced years ago, the dog was eventually given away. 11 years after last seeing her childhood dog, Kate is shocked at who she sees walking on a leash down the street.

Kate Griffen

Kate explains why she was given away, “She wasn’t allowed at my dad’s house, so my mom had to take care of her when my sister and I were at my dad’s house.  After some time, my mom said that it was too stressful for Cami to see us one week and then not the next and because of it she was acting out. So she made the decision to give her to our sitter to take care of.”

Kate Griffen

Even though Kate didn’t live with her dog anymore, she was happy that she could at least visit her at the sitters house. That too was about to change.  “Our sitter informed us that she made the decision to give Cami away to a family because she could no longer take care of her.  It was so devastating.”

Kate Griffen

Many years later, Kate was now grown up and the dog was just a long lost memory.  One day she saw a woman walking two dogs down the street. One looked exactly like Cami. She couldn’t help but to introduce herself to the woman. The woman said the big dog’s name was Riley and the little dog’s name was Cami!

Kate Griffen

Kate explains, “I looked at her and just said, ‘Oh my God. I think this is my dog. I had to give her away a really long time ago when my parents got divorced.’ The woman said, ‘The family I dog walk for got her from another family. Oh, my God. This is so amazing, you have to take a picture with her!’ I was in shock so I didn’t cry until later when I realized what had just happened.”

Kate said at first Cami didn’t appear to recognize her, but then she started licking Kate’s face. Perhaps this was a moment of healing that they both needed.

Both Cami and Kate had been helpless victims of divorce.  What a gift to see each other again. If you agree with us SHARE with your friends.

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