Vicious Snake Bites 2-Yr-Old, When Doctors See This They Know They Have To Act Fast

When Two-year-old Parker was on the back porch with his dad Trent.  They decided to gather firewood to make s’mores.  As Parker collected the sticks hidden under some logs a snake attacked and bit Parker on the foot.

Parker didn’t even flinch, cry or act like he was in pain.  Amy and Trent knew what they had to do… they immediately rushed Parker to the hospital.  In the quick seconds that past the parents had kept their cool and remembered to snap a photo of the snake.

This was one of the best things they could have done to save their son’s life.  With the picture, the doctors knew exactly how to treat the bite.

Copperhead snakes bites are the most common type of bite in this area, but the doctors looked at the picture and knew that Parker was the victim of a rattlesnake bite.  After 22 vials of antivenom and lots of love and care, Parker was on the road to recovery.

If You Experience A Snake Bite:

  1. Remove clothing and jewelry. The area around a snakebite can swell significantly, so cut away or take off any clothing near the bite.
  2. Let the wound bleed.
  3. Use a pump suction device. …
  4. Place a clean bandage on the wound.
  5. Tie a splint or sling around the limb.
  6. Seek medical attention immediately.

Symptoms of snake bites include pain, cramping, stiffness or excessive sweating. Always seek medical attention as soon as possible it is a matter of life and death in some cases.

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