Passerby is shocked after discovering a wiggling trash bag in the freezing weatherfour little puppies in a Bag in Freezing Weather

Four puppies had been found near a historical campus trapped in a bin bag. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) said to be investigating the incident. A news release by the RSPCA, a passerby found them dumped in a bin bag underneath a tree around 10 am on Monday, November 19. When the person inspected the bag closer, they found four puppies inside. It was a wonder the puppies lasted as long as they had in the freezing temperatures.

The RSPCA had been notified, rushing to the scene to rescue them. Of course, the puppies – having been rushed to a vet – was given a clean bill of health.

Passerby saves puppies lives

Image by RSPCA

The charity spokesperson for the RSPCA announced that the pups were in a good foster home. They hope to find them a permanent home soon.

Justine Hermon, RSPCA welfare officer, had this to say about the incident; “The puppies are very lucky to have been found — at this age there is no way they would have survived on their own,” she said. “They are very young and do not yet have their eyes open.”

She continued, “They were rushed to a vet where they received immediate treatment and are now with a foster carer, who is looking after them around the clock as they are completely reliant on hand-rearing to replicate the care their mum should be giving them.”

Image by RSPCA

A disturbance in the social media force

Everyone on social media was not happy about this story. One viewer wrote, “Pure evil!!!!” while another similarly commented, “Cruel evil people, the poor mum of the puppies must be pining for them…”

“This world is getting worse,” a third person wrote. Another viewer had this to say. “So cruel. No need. Take to a rescue center if you don’t want or can’t manage. Better still, think about having your dog neutered. Better for their health and no babies,” they said. The statement holds merit. If you are not looking to raise puppies, the easiest thing is to have your dog spayed and neutered.

Hermon said:

“There is never an excuse for treating animals with such cruelty.”

Featured Image by RSPCA

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