Peanut The Adorable Cockatoo Barks Like His ‘Guard Dog’ Brothers


Peanut the cockatoo may be a little bird but he has a big bark. That’s right, you heard it correctly. This bird can bark as well as a real dog.



Peanut became a part of the Kent family 19 years ago. He was a little bird when he joined the family. The family included dog siblings. Though peanut is a different species than the dogs, he found a way to fit in right from the beginning.


“He started copying the dogs from early on,” Kent explained. “When the dogs would run to bark at the gate, he would follow and do the same. He is very affectionate, super intelligent and can be just as mischievous,” she added.



A video of Peanut has gone viral recently. Peanut is shown acting like a dog by raising his feathers on the top of his head while barking along with his dog siblings.


Peanut Loves To Cuddle With The Dogs


The bark is so good that to the untrained ear it’s hard to tell that he is a bird and not a dog. Peanut also holds a special place in his dog family pack. “He’s been like a ‘mother hen’ to the dogs as puppies,” Kent said. “Even today, he still cuddles them and also puts them in their place. He rules the roost!”



Peanut is an expert at taking on dog and human behaviors. “He mimics quite a few dog antics and even some human antics, too,” Kent said. “He enjoys watching TV, playing ball with the dogs and he can be very loud!”


The Kent family loves their sweet and smart cockatoo. Peanut keeps things fun with all of his antics. However, Peanut demands a lot of attention. “Cockatoos are known as ‘velcro birds’ as they need a lot of attention and Peanut definitely demands it,” Kent said. Thankfully, the Kent family loves spending lots of time with their feathered family member.


Take a look for yourself, at Peanut the barking Cockatoo.




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