People Are Getting Matching ‘Pawdicures’ With Their Dogs And It's Absolutely Adorable

People get pedicures for many reasons. Pedicures have the ability to make you feel pretty. They also can feel wonderful to your feet. And one great advantage to getting a pedicure is that it is a time set aside where you can just chill out and relax. With all of the great reasons to get a pedicure, some are wanting their dogs to share in the fun. Let’s take a look at a new trend called, ‘pawdicures’.

Pawdicures are as the name suggests, painting your dog’s toenails with nail polish. Except that a dog-safe brand is used instead of toxic human brands. To make a pawdicure even more fun, people are painting their nails with the same nail polish as their dog’s nails are painted.

Image Source: Instagram/jovi_thefrenglishbulldog

Kids are especially drawn to pawdicures because what could be more fun than matching toes with your dog. The great thing about this activity is that it is safe and fun. And if your dog doesn’t mind, then it also has the potential to be a special bonding time with your pet.

The trend of painting pet’s toenails is growing. People are sharing their pawdicure photos on social media much to the delight of animal lovers everywhere. With so many negative things going on nowadays, it’s fun to see people interacting with their dogs.

Image Source: Facebook/Barks And Bubbles

If you give your pet a pawdicure, make sure to share a photo with us in the comments section. And it would be even better if your nails matched your pets. Let’s have a little fun with this. Or maybe even have a lot of fun with this! Enjoy picking out a favorite color that would look great on both you and your pet. And then get painting. What are you waiting for?

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