Neglected cat showed up but when the vet takes the x-rays he was shocked at what he saw

Unfortunately, there are some really cruel people in the world. People neglect or purposely try to hurt animals. You may be thinking, ‘how could someone do such a thing?’ The answer is unknown. Poor animals suffer on the streets every day all around the world. The only thing we can do is rescue the animals that have been hurt and help them.

This heartbreaking case of neglect and abuse takes place in the middle east, where a beautiful white and black cat named Frog has spent its life in misery. Luckily, volunteers from Greece noticed how much help this poor cat needed and came to his rescue.

They flew from Greece to a country in the middle east to get Frog. On the way back, people on the plane noticed how badly he smelled. The volunteers felt awful, but they knew he had to come back with them.

After they brought Frog back to Greece, they took him to the vet. It was there where they would be shocked. The vet took X-rays of Frog. Once they saw the X-rays, not only did they see that Frog had a shattered spine, but he also had broken legs and a bullet inside of him.

The volunteers immediately got him into surgery. Unfortunately, the vet had to amputate one of his legs. After the surgery, Frog had to adjust to life with one leg. He slowly adjusted and eventually became happier and healthier.

In order to get a deeper understanding of Frog and his journey, watch the video below. Although it is a very sad situation, life gets better for Frog.

Just watch to see it unfold.

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