Shelter Workers Discover A Box Full Of Guinea Pigs


Most animal shelters will take in all kinds of animals, not just dogs and cats. Birds, rabbits, rodents and all sorts of creatures find themselves surrendered at shelters. Davidson County Animal Shelter in Lexington, North Carolina is no different. They open their doors and arms to many types of animals needing homes. Not much can surprise a worker at a shelter. They grow accustomed to seeing so many animals surrendered for a host of reasons. However, Davidson County Animal Shelter was surprised at how many guinea pigs were surrendered all at once recently.


Davidson County Animal Shelter

The staff at the shelter opened a box of guinea pigs brought in for surrender. A total of 35 guinea pigs were in the box. Christina Rodriguez, a veterinary assistant at the shelter explained the situation. She said,  “The owner said she had two initially and they just kept multiplying and she could no longer take care of them. According to their owner, most of them were around 3 to 4 months old.”


Davidson County Animal Shelter

Some of the guinea pigs were in bad condition. Many had nails that were overgrown. Some had hair loss. The woman admitted to getting in over her head. She turned to the shelter for help. “They were all very scared and hungry, with quite a few of them being underweight,” Rodriguez said.


Davidson County Animal Shelter

The Guinea Pigs Found Homes


The shelter was not ready to care for 35 guinea pigs all at once. But they did the best that they could and cared for each one as an individual. They also posted on Facebook about the guinea pigs available for adoption. All 35 guinea pigs had been taken in to care within a matter of days. Some went to homes while others went to rescue groups.


Davidson County Animal Shelter

Let’s take a look at a couple of lessons found in this story.  First, it’s important to spay or neuter your pets. Second, if you get in over your head, it’s ok to ask for help. Sadly, many animals are just dumped off on the sides of the road or at dumpsters. It sounds horrible and it is, but it happens frequently. In summary, this lady knew where to go to get help for the guinea pigs.


Davidson County Animal Shelter

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