Pet Motel caught on camera: dog sneaks out to go comfort two crying foster puppies

We often hear stories of the compassion that people show to animals in need. From providing a foster home to adopting a special needs elderly pet. But here is a story with a different twist. This story involves a dog helping some scared puppies.

Image Source: Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming

The setting for this story is at a Pet Motel in Alberta, Canada called Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming. It was at night when an Australian Shepherd Dog named Maggie broke out of her kennel. She was not being naughty nor frightened but rather had good intentions. Maggie found two 9-week-old foster puppies at the hotel. They were at the hotel waiting for a forever family to adopt them.

Maggie had recently weaned her own litter so her maternal instincts were still running high. She found the puppies and took them right in as if they were her own. She cuddled with them and provided the loving warmth of a mother that the puppies obviously craved.

“We’ve never really seen it before, where a dog sneaks out to some puppies and is so excited to see them,” an employee at the hotel said.

Aldred Was Surprised At What She Saw On The Camera

Sandi Aldred, the owner of the hotel was out for dinner when she checked the camera on her phone.

“We watched her on the cameras and she went straight around and she found their room. She paid them a lot of attention and you could see her little tail wagging.”

Image Source: Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming

“And she’d do the little bow down to them and poke them through the chainlink gate of their room. She just decided that was where she was going to stay until we came to get her,” Aldred said. “It was really sweet. She just had to be with those puppies.”

Aldred went to the hotel when dinner was over. “She came to me and she was really happy, and then she took me back to their room as if to say, ‘I really need to meet these puppies,’” Aldred said.

Aldred let Maggie in to see the puppies. “They were just all so happy to be together. She was nuzzling them really gently and nudging them, and then she laid down and let them cuddle with her,” Aldred said.

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