PETA Is Not What You Think–Guess What They Want To Do To Pit Bulls

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, but its latest move proves that the group’s focus is anything but. Recently, PETA announced that it was tossing its hat in the ring with an anti-Pitt Bull coalition.

On the one hand, this insane group tells everyone not to eat chicken, so that they may live, yet on the other hand, they want to eradicate my dog and all those like her just because of how they look. PETA has lost its way.


The group’s focus is to ban “bully” breeds across the United States – A move which would lead to the deaths of thousands of dogs.

We are not talking about problem dogs here or dogs that have done anything wrong. This concerns every dog that looks a certain way, just because they look the way they do.

We are talking the therapy dogs, the police dogs, the war heroes, and my very own fur baby here. Dogs who have never done a single thing in life except for love unconditionally and hope for the same in return. PETA wants them all destroyed, anyway.


PETA euthanizes pets like it going out of style, and not just Pitt Bulls. In the past 12 years, the organization has euthanized 31,250 companion animals. It kills nearly every animal it “rescues” regardless of age or whether they are adoptable or not.

The organization refuses to work with no-kill shelters.

On top of that, they have even been known to kidnap pets and kill them. Just last year two PETA employees stole a little girl’s chihuahua and killed it while the family was away for the day.

It seems to me that “E” stands for Evil.

Here’s a report from one PETA employee first hand:

“I did witness [PETA] bring back a pit bull to the Norfolk location. This pit bull was wagging its tail, jumping (an obvious friendly dog; not feral) while receiving praise, treats and getting pet by the [two PETA] employees. It was the end of my shift, so I was cleaning and restocking, which required me to go into their shed for supplies. I saw the [two PETA] employees take the pitbull into the shed’s euthanasia room, which is inside this shed. It is a small room where they have a table and a huge walk-in freezer with [four] large trash cans. The trash cans contained deceased animals and were usually full. As I continued to do my job, I heard the [PETA] employees talking to the dog and trying to calm it down as it whined. Later … they opened the door and I saw the pit bull deceased on the table.”

PETA’s insane logic behind the Pitt Bull ban? They say that since some of the dogs are abused, that all Pitt Bulls should be terminated. The group plans to put together some presentation in hopes to make the rest of us more understanding of the organization’s position.


Please, whatever you do, don’t support PETA and their evil agenda to end all Pitt Bulls. Look at it this way, Pitt Bull isn’t even a breed. It’s a mix of breeds and simply a definition of a certain appearance.

Please don’t let them kill dogs just because of how they look, even if you don’t have a Pitt Bull of your own. You never know what breed they decide will be next and it could be your fur baby.

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