Photographer Catches Incredible Creature In Natural Habitat, He Can't Believe His Eyes

Seeing a moose in the wild can be an incredible experience. The majesty of such a large and graceful creature is a sight to behold.  Now Imagine seeing not only a moose but a white moose in his natural habitat.  That’s exactly what one man saw not once by twice.

After Hans Nilsson saw the white moose, he decided to go back out the next day to get a video of the magnificent creature. And that’s exactly what he did. Now we all can enjoy the white bull moose by viewing the video that he captured.

“This white elk bull is local to the area. I saw it the evening before too; that was the first time. On Friday evening when I shot the video, everything fell into place—the location, the light and the calmness,” Nilsson said.

Seeing a white moose in the wild is extremely rare.  There are approximately 400,000 moose in Sweden.  Only about 100 are estimated to be white.

Many think that the white bull moose in this video is an albino but that is not the case.  This white moose is a result of a dilution of a piebald moose.

Sightings of white moose have been growing in recent years. They have been spotted in Alaska and also Canada. This may be due to the increased population of humans or maybe it’s because of the increase in the population of white moose.  Also, hunters, in general, do not shoot white moose.  This may be why we are seeing more and more of these beautiful and rare creatures.

Anywhere that you can find moose you have a chance of seeing a white one. Though it is extremely rare, the chance still exists.  So keep your eyes open and have that camera ready. You just never know. For now though while you wait for your white moose sighing, enjoy this video that Nilsson captured.

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