Piano Man Saves Unwanted Cats, His Bedtime Routine Melts Their Hearts Every Night

It’s been a long day~ how do you unwind?  There are many ways people unwind after a long day. Some people read books until they doze off to sleep. Some people watch their favorite shows on television, and some play the piano to their pets.

One man does just that.  Sarper Duman, a pianist, loves his cats as much as he loves playing the piano. He loves making them unwind and relax by playing some soft tunes on the piano.

As Sarper sits his cats down on his lap he begins to play. Loving the cat looks up at him as he continues to play then reaches up and rubs his face.  It’s so precious.  He plays until they start to doze off into a peaceful sleep.

It seems like such a peaceful way to get ready for a long nights sleep, and the cats seem to enjoy it!

As he plays a soothing song on the piano, you can see his cat nestle up and hug Sarper. What a way to show your pet you love them.  Do you have a night time ritual you do with your pet?  We would love to hear it be sure to share in the comments maybe we will write a story about you and your pet.

Watch the video below to see Sarper and his cats in action!

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