20+ Pictures Of Chickens In Tutus You Didn’t Know You Needed To See Today


Children can be so cute. And then when you add in a tutu, they look even cuter. Some have even taken cuteness to the next level with putting tutus on dogs. But what about chickens and tutus? Let’s take a look and you can see for yourself what you think.


If A Tutu Doesn’t Fit, Just Use A Cupcake Paper.


Image Source: happyhenhaven

These Three Have Some Fancy Footwork Going On.


Image Source: linhssilkies

Dancing Is Hard Work. Let’s Take A Rest.


Image Source: msseeberger

Shaking The Tailfeathers


Image Source: thimbleworks

Do You Think This Tutu Makes My Butt Look Big?


Image Source: fresheggsdaily

I’m Too Cute For My Tutu.


Image Source: linhssilkies

This Cute White Chicken Looks Great With Some Colors On.


Image Source: dora_the_chicken

Pretty In Pink


Image Source: thimbleworks

So Much Fluffiness Going On With This Silkie And Her Tutu


Image Source: thimbleworks

This Chicken Has Such Pretty Feathers. With A Tutu On She Is Sure To Draw A Crowd.


Image Source: fresheggsdaily

Soft Pastel Colors For A Soft And Fluffy Bird


Image Source: thimbleworks

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?


Image Source: fresheggsdaily

Here Is A Patriotic Chicken!


Image Source: thimbleworks

And A Rainbow Chicken


Image Source: thimbleworks

Autumn Colors


Image Source: chickenchikita

Purple And Pink Are Popular With So Many Girls, Chickens Included.


Image Source: fresheggsdaily

This Chicken Looks So Cute In The Wind.


Image Source: newburyfarms

Not Sure How Much Insulation This Tutu Is Providing Here.


Image Source: thimbleworks

This One Looks More Like A Flower Than A Chicken


Image Source: pamperedpoultry



Image Source: thimbleworks

So Cute.


Image Source: hello_universe_natalie_here

This Chicken Has Mini Mouse Colors


Image Source: thimbleworks

When Your Tutu Is Bigger Than You


Image Source: thimbleworks

This One Looks Like She’s Wearing Fireworks


Image Source: thimbleworks


So there you have it. Do you think chickens look good in tutus?

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