10+ Pictures Of Pets Who Make Themselves At Home Anywhere


It’s human nature to get tired. Even though you may or may not get enough sleep at night, there are probably times when you’d like to just curl up and take a nap. This may be fine, well and good if you are home alone. But what about if you are at work when the urge to nap hits? Or what if you get sleepy while at a party or in church? As humans, we struggle through the sleepiness until we can get to an appropriate time and place to rest. If you are an animal, the rules change. And that is because they have no rules to live by. Check out these adorable photos of pets napping in the funniest positions and most unique of places.


This may seem silly, but I’m sure many cat owners can relate to reading something when your cat wants all the attention.



This cage has been occupied.



A cat in a KFC bucket. Why not?



Just a kitty toasting her toes by a warm fire.



I hope it’s true that cats always land on their feet when they fall. This kitty is living on the edge of life.



A new yoga pose maybe?



Always check the sink when your cat goes missing.



Which animal would you pick in this vending machine game?



Somehow oddly enough they both look content.



Cats can find comfortable places to rest in the most unique places.



“I spent 2 hours looking for them. They got into a drawer with frying pans, behind the oven and fell asleep there,” the human said.



How nice that this vehicle manufacturer added a feature made for sleeping cats.



Awe! What a pretty kitty.



Cats and sinks just go together.



“Here’s Lucy watching me sign her adoption papers after the first time meeting her,” the new human dad said.



Something tells me that if this cat puts on an ounce more of weight the chair will tip.



Dogs don’t know about personal space.



Sharing body heat.



“One of our ducks rejected this duckling and it imprinted on me instead. It hasn’t let me out of its sight for the 2.5 days it’s been alive. It tired itself out playing in the grass earlier and stretched out in my hand for a little nap.”



One person’s trash is another’s treasure.



All cats love cardboard boxes.


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