15+ Pictures To Prove Why We Could Not Live Without Dogs


We’ve all heard it said that dogs are man’s best friend. In fact, the saying is said so much. But do we really stop to think what that means? Dogs rescue humans from all sorts of problems including from intruders to rescuing humans from emotional damages caused by other humans. We really owe so much to dogs. In fact, we probably owe way more than we are ever capable of giving. Let’s take a look at some amazing dogs and what they have done for their humans.


Dogs Are Truly Heroes


To save a life is perhaps the highest action anyone could do, canine or human.



Angels In Disguise


Lucas obviously loves his service dog, Juno.



Some Dogs Help Repair Things


There are all kinds of service dogs. From the looks of it, this dog might even service your vehicle.



School For Canines


Many dogs go through obedience classes. But some dogs like this trio go through rigorous learning to be police dogs.



Life Took A Huge Turn For This Dog.



How Would You Like This Guy For A Tour Guide?



Check Out This Greeting Committee.



Dogs Play Such a Huge Role For People


This warrior connection service dog is being told what a good dog he is.



Dogs Give A Helping Hand When We Need It Most





Military dogs should be given the highest honor and respect for what they do to protect our freedom. Many risks their lives, such as these dogs.





Courtroom Dogs Help Ease Stress


This dog named Dory is helping a child through court.



911 Dogs Helped America In So Many Ways


This is Bretagne. She was only a 2-year-old service dog when 911 happened, yet she performed her duties well.



Providing Love When We Need It Most


This service dog is providing love to a soldier. May God bless this pup.



Hospitals Aren’t As Scary When A Dog Is There


This dog is staying with his boy, who has autism as he undergoes an MRI scan.



Dogs Help People Recover From Trauma


These Golden Retrievers are providing Orlando shooting survivors with support.



An Earthquake Dog Named Freda Saved 52 Lives.



This Dog Named Amanda Saved Her Puppies From A Fire.



Dog Keeps Man From Freezing By Laying On Him For 24 Hours.



Layka Was Shot In The Line Of Duty As She Saved Lives In Afganistan.



Ricochet Helps People With Disabilities To Surf.


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