Pig Still Remembers The Girl Who Saved Her From 'Slaughter House' Years Ago

Meet Winnie when she was just a little piglet she found the most important person in her entire life.

Lindsay Scroggie was a sixteen-year-old who had been given Winnie by her grandfather.  Every summer her grandfather would lend her a little pig to play with while she wasn’t in school.  He thought it was a way to teach the kids responsibility.

“My grandpa’s been raising pigs since my mom was a kid.  Growing up me and my brother would get a pig or two to play with,” said Scroggie.

When Lindsay went to pick out a pig she sat on the gate and watched the pigs.  This time there was one pig that stood out.  Winnie seemed different, more personable and friendlier than the other pigs.

Lindsay and Winnie could be seen lying together in the grass, doing chores and going for walks.  There was no way Lindsay could let Winnie go back to the farm too be slaughtered.

Scroggie made a pen in her yard for the pig, however, Winnie was becoming larger and larger.  It started to become an issue.

The teen took matters into her own hands putting up posts on Facebook trying to find her pet pig a forever home.

Scroggie was putting up ads, trying to find a forever home for the pig who had become her friend. “I was scrolling through Facebook … which is how I got into contact with Esther’s owners,” Scroggie said.

Finally, at the end of the summer, Lindsay had found Winnie a new home, where she would get to live out her whole long life.

Now almost 4 years later and nearly 900 pounds Winnie got a surprise visit……

Scroggie came to visit the ‘little pig’ she once knew.  Scroggie hopped into Winnie’s pen and Winnie immediately came over.

“She nearly knocked me over! With one call Winnie perked up her ears,” Scroggie said. “She definitely remembered me.”

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