Pit Bull barks uncontrollably at the front door, runs out and leaps into the water to help

Abby was relaxing while reading in her living room, as her pit bull named Bruce started to act strangely. Bruce is normally a calm dog, but on this particular morning, 5-year-old Bruce was barking while scratching at the door and wanting out.

“Bruce sat at the front door whining and sniffing, which I thought was weird and annoying, as he usually goes out back,” Abby posted on Instagram.

Bruce’s persistence escalated.  “He was scratching at the windows, and I was like ‘Bruce, stop, we rent this place’, “Abby explained.

Finally, Abby let Bruce out. As soon as the door opened he headed straight for a pond. Standing knee deep and half-naked in the water was a confused elderly woman.  Abby describes, “She was standing two or three feet down, up to her knees in the water.”

Abby acted quickly and called the police as she grabbed a blanket to cover the woman. She ran back and wrapped the blanket around the lady while assuring her that everything was going to be ok.

The police along with an ambulance arrived and attended to the woman. The authorities were able to find the woman’s family.

This story could have had a tragic ending. No one will know if the woman would have walked deeper into the water and drowned. Or she may have stood there for a prolonged amount of time while being cold and scared. One thing we do know and that is that one pit bull named Bruce helped to have this story have a happy ending.

Sadly, much misinformation about pit bulls being aggressive still exists. Much of this is because of rumors passed and stereotypes existing about pit bulls that just aren’t factual. Hopefully, this story and many others involving pit bulls helping humans will be told, written, read and shared.

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