Pit Bull Is Expecting Pups Owner Throws Her A Shower, Pictures Go Viral, It's Adorable

Celebrations associated with pregnancy and childbirth have roots that run long and deep in many cultures.  In some countries such as the United States, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new life. The mother is also celebrated for the role that she is playing in bringing a new life into the world.  It’s a time to shower the mother with gifts to help her be ready for all that she will need for her little one. Often times showers are thrown by both friends of the expectant mom and/or family members.

Gisselle O. Suarez was like many women when she decided to throw a shower for a special lady in her life, but the expectant female was not a human, but rather her pregnant pit bull named Winter. Gisselle went all out and didn’t skimp on any details.  Winter, the cute mother of honor wore a blue tutu. The pictures of the shower were shared by Suarez on Twitter. The post was an immediate hit.

Winter would be a hit with that award winning smile no matter what she was doing.  But seeing her smile next to the table of gifts is adorable. From the looks of the amount of sandwiches on the table, either a lot of guests were invited or maybe Winter was about to eat most of them.

The tutu covers up most of Winter’s growing belly but she is ready to deliver at any moment. We don’t know from the post if any shower games were played but I bet no details were left out.

Perhaps this will be a new trend for expectant animal moms.  No matter what the outcome, I bet these cute photos put some smiles on a lot of faces.

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