Pit Bull Saves Woman from Knife Attack–Then She Returns The Favor

Man Attacks Woman

When a man tried to attack a woman with a knife in Knoxville, TN, neither of them expected a stray dog to interfere. Hero, the pit bull, jumped into danger to defend a woman he didn’t know. The attacker wounded Hero instead of the woman, and what happened next is truly heartwarming.

Hero Fights For His Life

After enduring five stab wounds, Hero had an even bigger fight on his paws—the fight for his life. When the police got there, things were looking grim for this courageous canine. Because Hero was a stray, there was no one else to take him to the vet, so the police rushed him to an emergency vet. There, he underwent surgery and almost died—not once, but twice.

This big-hearted pit bull managed to survive surgery and make it into recovery, but he still had a long road ahead. That’s where Carla Welch came in. Welch owns Fighting for the Bullys, a pit bull rescue foundation. When she heard about Hero and his medical needs, she immediately began raising the necessary funds to nurse him back to health. Welch also personally took it upon herself to see Hero healthy once more.

Once Hero returned to full health, Welch went a step farther and listed him as available for adoption on the foundation’s Facebook page.

Welch began her foundation to help give unwanted pit bulls a second chance. Often feared for a supposed aggressive nature, many pit bull owners give them up because of more stringent insurance regulations and other financial or logistical matters. Her foundation works to rescue unwanted pit bulls, like Hero, who has a good heart, and find them new forever homes. In addition to rescuing pups from death row just because of their breed, Fighting for the Bullys works to raise awareness in the Knoxville area, and educate the public about the true, noble nature of pit bulls.

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