Pit Bull used and abused her entire life, when her liter is born owners try to put her down

Some dogs sadly are given the short end of the stick in life. While there are dogs treated like family members, there are just as many treated not kindly. One pit bull named Maisy definitely had a bad life that no creature deserved.

Maisy was to be used just for breeding. She lived her life in a small outside kennel without knowing the love of a human. When the owners decided not to use Maisy for breeding purposes, they planned on having her euthanized.

Thankfully, at just the right timing, a friend of Maisy’s owners said she would drop the dog off at the local shelter instead. At this same time Maisy’s future owner, Marisa Elbert was going through a rough time. She had just lost both of her parents. A friend of Marisa thought a dog could help to bring back happiness to Marisa’s life.  Her friend sent Marissa a photo of Maisy.

It didn’t take long for Marisa to get down to the shelter to meet Maisy. It was love at first site. Maisy and Marisa both hit it off right away. Maisy was so happy to feel the love of a human that she started making a happy, woo-ing sound.

“Maisy’s woo-ing was something that made me adopt her,” Marisa explained. “She does it when she’s extremely happy or excited. She’s so chatty and we talk all the time.”

Marisa found out more about Maisy’s past. She talks about Maisy’s past owners by saying, “At that point, they were like, ‘Well, she’s a waste of money to feed. She’s so ugly, nobody’s gonna want her. We’ll just put her down.’”

The fact that Maisy’s previous owners thought that nobody would want her, couldn’t be farther from the truth. Marisa loves Maisy and by the sounds of it, the feeling is mutual for Maisy. “We have conversations throughout the day,” said Marisa. “It’s hilarious. The first day when I brought her home, we went down the driveway and I threw some balls for her and she was woo-ing on the way up, woo-ing on the way down. She was just so happy. It’s like she knew she was home.”

As for Marisa, her life has changed for the better since adopting Maisy. Maisy has brought so much joy to Marisa’s life and to her other pets. Marisa’s cat and her two horses also love Maisy and have become inseparable. At times, Maisy will even sleep in the horse stall with her new horse family.

To say that Marisa is totally smitten with Maisy is an understatement. To hear her describe Maisy, you can feel the love. “She’s got this big bowling ball of a head and I think that’s part of her charm,” said Marisa. “You know, she’s just such a stocky tank of a dog with these adorable eyes and this face and these little chopped-off ears. Everything about her is just like a big stuffed animal.” Take a peek for yourself at this loving relationship. Make sure that you have the volume up so that you can hear Maisy’s “woo-ing” talk for yourself. Upvote Downvote

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